Welcome to a bit of info about me:

I discovered at a young age I'm good drawing, painting, sculpting, knitting, sewing, joinery.... I love to make things. 

I got into Norwich School of Art & Design (Norwich University of the Arts) on merit,  completing the Advanced Art & Design GNVQ, Foundation in Art & Design and the Cultural Studies BA spanning the 90's to 2004.

Currently, I am in the final throws of my MA in Illustration with Falmouth University.   It's a massive opportunity and giving me a structure to hone my professional skills going forward.  These are strange daze we are living in and this gives me a strategy to navigate them. 

My work is inspired by vibrations, the harmonies of life; loving to experiment with different mediums, always starting with a feeling.  Influenced by an eclectic merge of  old school Klimt and Duchamp mixed with new synergies via mediums that become available as I explore.  No door is closed, I just haven't opened them all yet...  

Loving all the analogue methods, I find that combining them with my growing digital abilities within Adobe software brings a new lease of creativity, having recently achieved professional certificates (above).

 Interested in Astrology? : Venus is my Akmakarka , I have a fire grand Trine in among a Grand Sextile including an Air Grand Trine.  

 My imagery is also inspired by a lifetimes interest in astrology. This space will develop a stronger feel as it grows which will become clearer for visitors.

Above:  Front Cover image created on commission for self publishing project.  Ultimately became taken up by a publisher who used their own cover, however, there is a copy of the image and my bio within the book.  

I'm sharing some of my designs via my Redbubble shop  I've named "Rumfluff";  link below.  I love the way it enables art to be accessible to all via price and product range.