Welcome to a bit of info about me:

I discovered at a young age I'm good drawing, painting, sculpting, knitting, sewing, joinery.... I love to make things. 

I got into Norwich School of Art & Design (Norwich University of the Arts) on merit,  completing the Advanced Art & Design GNVQ, Foundation in Art & Design and the Cultural Studies BA spanning the 90's to 2004.

2022, I completed my MA in Illustration with Falmouth University.   It gave me a massive opportunity to structure and hone my professional skills.  These are strange daze we are living in and this gave me a strategy to navigate them. 

My work is inspired by vibrations, the harmonies of life; loving to experiment with different mediums, always starting with a feeling.  Influenced by an eclectic merge of  old school Klimt and Duchamp mixed with new synergies via mediums that become available as I explore.  No door is closed, I just haven't opened them all yet...  

Loving all the analogue methods, I find that combining them with my growing digital abilities within Adobe software brings a new lease of creativity, having recently achieved professional certificates (above).

Currently, I'm working full time to pay the bills and spending my weekends working on my creative projects where I'm focused on you tube animations ideas and a historic true  graphic novel concept brewing...  More to come....

 Interested in Astrology? : Venus is my Akmakarka , I have a fire grand Trine in among a Grand Sextile including an Air Grand Trine.  

 My imagery is also inspired by a lifetimes interest in astrology. This space will develop a stronger feel as it grows which will become clearer for visitors.

I'm sharing some of my designs via my Redbubble shop  I've named "Rumfluff";  link below.  I love the way it enables art to be accessible to all via price and product range.