Scorpio...  deep, mysterious,  enigmatic, secretive....  intense, passionate, focused, ambitious, competitive... magnetic, seductive....  brutal.


Scorpio rules the eight house of the Zodiac wheel with a fixed energy and water element; makes me think of black ice, surprising and lethal.... 


The eighth house in astrology is perhaps the darkest house in one’s natal chart. Traditionally, this house is called the House of Sex among the astrology houses and is known to represent sex, death, and taxes.

This painting, hmmmm...  still not sure about it as a Scorpio painting; I have some other ideas for Scorpio Sun specifically...  this as the Scorpio energy, a bit too juicy?  Initially I had created the eight part circle, I had done this on the 8.8.17 (8) with watercolours and acrylic.    The Scorpion is the most recent addition, produced in Oil; letting it dry while I decide whether it needs a further glaze...   I'll let inspiration arrive in it's own time.

The design on the left (or  above if on mobile) with the dark blue and purple snowflake back drop is something I developed further with digital media.  I've placed it into my Redbubble shop; you can access the products via above link.