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My, Eye, Aye!

In 2020, Ruth M. embarked on her exciting MA in Illustration journey. During the very first week, students were given a captivating task: introducing themselves through the 'Illuminated I' project. For Ruth, who identifies as a spiritual enthusiast, astrologer, illustrator, and artist, this task was a unique opportunity to express herself.

Her project started with the creation of an eye, symbolized by a simple dot, and the process of embroidery became not just art but a meditation – soothing and immensely satisfying. To give the 'i' its own personality, Ruth used a cardboard cutout as a canvas, covering it with mod rock and embellishing it with elements from her natal astrology chart.

For astrology buffs, these aspects hold precious insights into one's traits, energies, talents, and challenges, making them efficient tools for self-discovery. Ruth's art beautifully combines the traditional and digital realms. Armed with excellent computer software, she's only scratched the surface of its capabilities, enabling her to intricately layer and compose the eye's design.

But there's more to this artwork than meets the eye! Ruth believes that the 'eye' also carries a broader message, resonating with the increasing presence of AI in our lives, often marketed for 'security and protection' purposes. Through her art, she aims to convey the hidden layers of existence, gracefully navigating both the analogue and digital worlds.

This project serves as a heart warming testament to Ruth's artistic journey, where she warmly embraces her multifaceted identity, diving deep into the realms of creativity and self-expression.